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Copyright expertise, on demand

Performing due diligence of copyrights takes specialized expertise. Our Copyright Team has you covered, with expert copyright research solutions tailored to your precise requirements.

Our Copyright specialists have an exceptional level of experience, ranging from 15 to 35 years. They have the know-how to provide customized research and data delivery to meet virtually any need.

Proven performance
For a client with a time-sensitive litigation matter, our Copyright Team obtained registration, renewal, and assignment information for more than 500 motion pictures—in less than three weeks! We provided customized reporting and delivery to meet their specialized needs.

Another client needed to identify the creators of 70 characters from a major film franchise. Thinking outside the box, our Copyright Team explored new, unfamiliar sources and methods—including trips to the local library. We delivered the results they needed in a matter of weeks, enabling our client to move forward with an important venture.

Whether you need copyright information to support new business opportunities or litigation, our Copyright Team can help. Contact them today.